Monday, 23 December 2013

Over sensitive

We spent some time together last afternoon
While massaging her aching toenails,
I lazily tried to distract her with mundane stories
Then, she cried out in pain when I hit the parts connected to the joint
I continued, feeling as if it was normal

She said something which made me stop
I felt it direct to my heart
I felt it right to the core of my soul

"Kakak sayang mama? Kakak sayang mama banyak mana?"
"Kakak sayang mama banyak ke adik sayang mama banyak?"
" Mama rasa?"
"Emm....kakak sayang mama lebih."

Those were just bits and pieces of our talk.
I know I am not showing enough love and affection to her
I know I'm not the perfect daughter nor am I a good one
But somehow she knows that I love her more
And that very night, I feel like I'm missing her so much though we were simply separated by a room and some doors
I feel like I want to cry in her lap and sleep with her, just like we used to

If only it can be done without any other constraints
If only...

-anak mama yang tengah cengeng-

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

2 weeks of January

It's been a while.
I've been through some adjustments in the new school as well as home .

I still can't believe that :
♥ I'm finally here in Kuching With my husband.
♥ I'm going to be a permanent resident here with God's willing.
♥ I've left the school with a very supportive staff and environment, back in Perak for good.

So, I've my husband to pinch my cheek at times just to remind me of reality.

The Ss so far are okay. I've been stressing on courtesy in the lessons a lot since I feel that is still lacking in them.
I'm trying to get some air for myself in between the main job as a teacher and completing the rest of the unofficial jobs. Honestly, being in a new school that needs everything to be initiated from scratch is very challenging. Then again, I can complain for all I want but what matters is I find the best solution.
I'm taking a step at a time for sure.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

IC is renewed

I haven't replaced my IC since I was in Form 2.
So, together with my husband and Lil sis in law, we approached JPN Kuching for the same reason.
Things have changed and they have more sophisticated devices and well-arranged counters for different purposes.
The officer who dealt with me was very nice and the best part was after my photo was taken, she showed it to me and asked if I was satisfied with it or preferred to retake it.
Rasa kebaruan for It would never happen when I was in KK before or maybe it was just my lucky day.
However, I had to pay extra rm30 for the fine while the rest only paid rm10.

P/s: I didn't know we can smile all we want for our photo. Adi did that and his photo turned out nice. Envy...Huhu

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Friday, 16 November 2012

kk with love

Returning to kk after a year, together with my husband
It was definitely a short stay that we couldn't get enough of
Luckily, we managed to go to the significant places that meant a lot to us
It rekindled our memories since we first met.
If it is not because of family obligation, we would have stayed longer.
Never mind, we will come again.

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